IntelleWings will provide the Sanctions screening software services, which include screening of Customer profiles against Global Sanctions lists like UN, OFAC, HMT, EU. The software is proprietary product of IntelleWings, with IntelleWings' holding all intellectual rights on the software. IntelleWings' software modules/web pages screenshot or material cannot be shared/used for any other purpose than what is mentioned in this transaction - Usage for sanctions screening. The design or concept or any material of IntelleWings' software system cannot be shared with any other organization (other than buyer organization mentioned in the invoice). IntelleWings will provide support services to ensure the buyer organization is able to use the software and any bugs/fixed found, can be resolved in a reasonable time.
Intellewings will ensure that the software will perform as per the norms to help the user organizations in meeting their compliance requirements. The compliance requirements will however remain the sole responsibility of the user organisation.