Pramod Sharma

Founder & CEO

Pramod started journey of IntelleWings in 2018. He worked as lead Architect with IT firms for over 12+ years, providing technological solutions pertaining to various aspects in banking and insurance domains to leading banks– Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Capital Group, City, IPSL, ABN Amro.
While working closely with these banks he sensed the need of comprehensive AML and sanctions compliance solutions, as he felt that current solutions were still not meeting the customer needs and the gaps were visible, this made him start IntelleWings!. He has worked consistently over past few years to ensure real pain points of customers in compliance domain are addressed using cutting edge technologies with a very deep insight and analysis, to truly add value and make compliance easy yet accurate. Challenges give him enough excitement, he tries all means possible to come up with most comprehensive and accurate solution to the problems. This passion for solutions has led him to deal with most complex problems in AML compliance which were really burning issues and were unaddressed for a long time, which are now solved by a team of rock-stars at IntelleWings - with a mix of tech, accuracy, heart and craft!

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