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Molecules Security

Scan Global

IntelleWings has its own proprietary PEP/Adverse Media Check, which uses machines learning to accurately crawl the web for detecting PEP & Adverse Media profiles - it is comprehensive and accurate, helps you save a lot over World Check/DowJones/Factiva. Also, IntelleWings scans profiles by scrubbing them against global & national sanction lists (e.g. EU, OFAC, HMT, UN, DFAT and many more).  IntelleWings ensures that these checks are almost real time.

Analysing Data

Customizable Rule Engine

Highly Configurable Rule Engine, which makes it very easy for users to create custom business rules, also set risks and thresholds. The default rules cover different elements falling under the umbrella of finance ranging from payments, EFT, securities, loans , e-wallets, crypto-currency, Fan-In/FanOut/Credit Cards. The default rules can easily be overridden or customized by the analyst.

Investment Chart

Analyse Alerts

Case Management solution helps analysts or compliance officer to analyze the alerts generated on suspicious transactions and raise SAR( Suspicious Activity Report) for confirmed ones. We extensively use Machine Learning classification and neural networks to reduce the false positives, so there is less to analyse for an operator. Per global stats, estimated 95% of alerts raised are false positives. Hence, Machine learning usage to suppress unwanted, becomes imperative. Also, you don't need to create any of The FIU reports manually as these are available at the click of a button - verified and accurate.