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Experience the most innovative and intuitive tools to simplify Sanctions & Anti Money Laundering Compliance. It is the power of AI and machine learning which we harness to provide the most comprehensive solution
Essence of IntelleWings

IntelleWings develops Sanctions & Anti-money laundering solutions with a clear, concise, and fresh perspective. Founded by a team of experienced business and technology professionals, Intellewings is determined to introduce game-changing solutions and products. Customer centricity, cutting-edge technologies such as Algorithmic filtering & Machine Learning, and a deep understanding of business dynamics sets Intellewings apart from the competition. A dedicated business research division ensures that Intellewings solutions are constantly upgraded to stay ahead of the curve. Intellewings is headquartered in India.


We are a group of experienced professionals with most members having more than 10+ years of software development and architectural experience. We have worked closely with several banks and were exposed to various facets of compliance. We felt the need of a strong Sanctions & AML product which comprehensively looks at patterns to generate alerts and help financial institutions meet the regulatory needs. Our feeling is now materialized into a state of the art AML product, which is abreast with neat design philosophy and latest technology trends.

Our Service Offerings

Rule Based

Highly Configurable Rule Engine, which makes it very easy for users to create custom business rules

Scan Global

Watchlist service which scans profiles of individuals, companies, organizations, exposed on global & national sanction lists (e.g. OFAC, HMT, UN and many more). 

Analyse Alerts

Case Management solution helps compliance officer or the representative of the financial institution to analyze the alerts generated on suspicious transactions and raise SAR( Suspicious Activity Report) for confirmed ones. 

Harness Power


Harness power of AI and Machine learning , to reduce false positives. Usage of latest technology trends in machine learning to reduce the false positives that will save the compliance officer or analyst's efforts in case analysis, and eventually saves your expenses .

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